2016 accomplishments: looking back on what you did instead of what you didn’t do

another year comes to a close and, as we reflect on our goals, we may be tempted to beat ourselves up over the things we did not accomplish. but this is a journey – life is a journey. there is always something to learn and appreciate in everything we do. no, you may not have went to the gym 5 times a week after work but maybe you learned that instead of going to the gym after work you should go before. no, you didn’t reach your goal of 1000 followers but you did get on a consistent posting schedule. going into this new year, let’s focus on the positive starting with our accomplishments.

boss babe
i’ve always wanted my own business. i have a dream to work for myself one day. so i took the first step: i applied for an llc (limited liability company). it was such an easy first step but it was such an accomplishment for me! i’m officially a business owner – and that is something to celebrate!


views, no drake
i have a video on youtube where i teach people how to make high quality, multi-screen music videos using the basic video editing app, imovie. to date, that video has over 35,000 views. trying to be trendy, i participated in the #sogonechallenge. i wrote a couple of verses, sang a little, rapped a little, and created a music video to go along with it. i couldn’t believe it when it got over 1,000 views on facebook in just a weekend. to date, that music video has over 3,000 views. wow!


get me bodied
so ya girl gained a little weight and i was determined to get a #bodylikebey. i tried so many things until i found the things that worked for me: the paleo lifestyle and strength training 3 times a week. the first week, i dropped one inch off my waist! by the end of my 8-week training, i had lost about 20 pounds. even though i have fallen off of my fitness (the day job got in the way), i found a fitness regimen that worked for me. now to make it work while I work…


launch in 3, 2, 1….
to top off my new business, i finally launched my website that i designed myself. once again, i invested in myself, bought the url and hosting, and created an amazing website. the next step: start consistently posting content that is authentic, beautiful, useful.


what accomplishments have made you proud this year? let ya girl know!


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