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january comes around + the spark of motivation hits everyone. i’m going to release my album in 2017! my brand is about to be poppin’! the new year always feels like a reset button on our lives. it represents a chance to start over or to start anew. but what do we do when the spark wears off? when it’s a month into 2017 + our progress has stopped? consider this: instead of a new year resolution, how about a new week resolution? this breaks down your dreams into smaller, manageable goals. with less time to complete the goals, the related tasks become more urgent. you only have 7 days to complete this goal as oppose to 365 days. here are a few simple steps to getting that spark back:

1. write down your new week resolution
every saturday morning (or whichever day is convenient for you), write down your new week resolution in your journal or in your notes app on your phone. your new week resolution can be a dream, a short team goal, or even something you’ve been putting off. you can have more than one new week resolution but be sure to keep it manageable. no more than 3 goals.

2. write down related tasks for each goal
let’s say your goal is to finish learning the music for a gig by the end of the week. your related tasks might include listening to the tracks, studying the sheet music, creating lead sheets or charts, + practicing. write down all the things you need to do to fulfill that resolution (re: your goal).

3. schedule it
seriously. put it on your calendar. on monday, from 4:00-5:00 pm i’m going to practice for this upcoming gig. put a date + a time on it. put reminders with it. write it down when you journal in the morning. it must be on your calendar just like an important meeting would be on your calendar.

4. prioritize your goals
your goals are important, too. yeah i know, the best friend wants to go shopping at the same time you scheduled your practice session. you must ask yourself:

               which is more important?
               which should take priority?
               which is going to get me closer to my goals?

honor your word to yourself.  if you say you’re going to do something then do it. i’m sure your best friend will understand + simply ask her if you guys can go shopping on friday instead. here is an example of my new week resolution for this week:

               new week resolution: write a song

               related tasks: brainstorm topics, write lyrics, create melody, create chord progression, arrange harmonies



i hope these simple steps will help get that spark back so you can continue to build momentum towards your goals. be encouraged + stay the course!

what are some of your new week resolutions? let ya girl know!


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